Project Profile

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Stirling Medical Innovations 2009

Project Description:

New Low Humidity ISO 7 Cleanroom



Project Value:

Project Duration:

 Stirling University Innovation Park

 Stirling Medical Innovations


 July 2009 – Aug 2009



Cleanroom Floor Area:  205m2
 Cleanroom Classification:  ISO 7 (Class 10K)
Controllable Temperature Range:  17 to 23 DegC
 Controllable Humidity Range:  10 to 70%RH
Ancillary and Support Areas:  220m2


Client: ROK Group
Main Contractor: ROK Group
Architect: G1 Architects
Quantity Surveyor: Turner Townsend
M&E Building Services Engineer: Callidus Design Limited

New Low Humidity ISO Class 7 Cleanroom

Callidus Design Limited were appointed by Stirling Medical Innovations (now known as Alere Technologies Ltd) as lead designer to design a new Low Humidity, ISO Class 7 Cleanroom (Class 10K) facility within their existing building. The facility allowed SMI to commence prototype production of a new medical device which they had recently developed. The works involved the design of a new HVAC system which was capable of operating over a wide range of temperature and humidity setpoints. This flexibility essentially provided SMI with an environmental chamber, the conditions of which could be varied over a wide range in order to test the stability of their product in varying environmental conditions. Callidus Design Limited were responsible for the design and specification of the following services:


  • Supply and recirculation ventilation installation
  • Fresh air ventilation installation
  • Dedicated chilled water installation
  • Dedicated LTHW heating installation
  • RO Water installation
  • Clean dry air installation
  • Fume exhaust installation
  • Domestic water installations
  • Drainage installations
  • Lighting installation
  • Small power installation
  • Fire alarm installation
  • PA installation
  • Security installation
  • Controls installation


In order to accommodate the plant associated with the new cleanroom, a new dedicated plantroom had to be carefully configured within the confines of a small site.