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Burst Heating Cooling Coil

The perennial winter season issue of frost damaged heating or cooling coils in ventilation plant.

  • Have you suffered any frost damage to your HVAC plant due to a recent cold snap or prolonged severe frost?
  • Have you arranged for the damage to be repaired yet?
  • Have you ordered or taken delivery of the replacement coils?
  • Have you fitted them yet?
  • Have you considered what caused the coil to burst in the first place and do you understand the reason for the water in the coil freezing?
  • Do you understand the controls or automation philosophy of you plant?
  • Is the flowrate of water through your coils sufficient?
  • Is the temperature of the water serving the coil correct?
  • If it's a cooling system, is the percentage mixture of glycol sufficient to prevent freezing?

If the reason for the freezing of the coil is not sufficiently understood then it stands to reason that it is entirely possible that the same situation could happen again during the next spell of sub-zero temperatures.

Repairing the damage without considering the reasons behind the failure will simply lead to the same fault occurring again.

Have you considered whether your insurance company will pay out a second time for the same burst coil? There is every possibility that they will refuse to pay out on the basis that there must be a fundamental error in the design of your HVAC plant which they see as your responsibility. Has the insurance company forced you to carry out a detailed survey of your plant as a condition of continued insurance cover?

Callidus Design Limited are experienced designers of HVAC equipment and their associated support systems. We understand the proper selection criteria for every single component which makes up your Air Handling Unit. We fully understand the controls algorithms and strategies to get the best operational and energy performance from your plant. We fully understand the psychrometric processes of each component of the AHU and the interactions between them. In the HVAC industry (design, supply and installation) the subject of psychrometrics is probably the least understood discipline, particularly by most consulting engineers. Armed with this knowledge, we have the ability to analyse and diagnose the root cause(s) of your HVAC troubles.

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