Callidus Design Limited recognise the importance of managing the use of the earth’s natural resources and to this end we will seek to continually improve our environmental performance as well as influence the performance of others in dealing with environmental issues. Callidus Design Limited are committed to operating its business responsibly and in compliance with all legal requirements relating to the design, project management, validation and construction service of commercial and industrial facilities.

Specifically, we will:

  • Train employees in environmental issues.
  • Use our skills and influence to improve the built environment and to maintain the integrity and quality of the natural and cultural environments.
  • Work with clients, local authorities, suppliers, contractors, regulators, professional bodies and the community at large to raise the environmental standards of the industries in which we operate.
  • Consider environmental factors when making business decisions.
  • Promote the use of recyclable and renewable materials.
  • Use resources in a way that provides for future generations.
  • Monitor and record the company’s environmental performance and achievements.
  • Minimise usage of water, energy and other consumables in the office environment.
  • Minimise the production of waste.

By meeting these objectives the company will:

  • Maintain a high standard of environmental awareness.
  • Deliver projects that are recognised for their environmental awareness.
  • Build upon its reputation for sound and effective advice to clients on environmental issues.
  • Endeavour to prevent pollution.
  • Comply with legal and other requirements which relate to its environmental aspects.
  • Continuously improve its environmental performance.

The policy is communicated to all employees, suppliers and sub-contractors and is made available to the public.

Norman A Crawford