Equal Opportunities

Callidus Design Limited is committed to equality of opportunity in employment, irrespective of age, disability, race, colour, nationality, gender, gender reassignment, sexual orientation, disability, religion or belief or marital status. This policy applies to all employees without regard to employment status. The objectives of the policy

  • Ensure that the company has access to the widest labour market and secures the best employees for its needs.
  • Ensure that no applicant or employee receives less favourable treatment, and that, wherever possible, they are given the help they need to attain their full potential to the benefit of the company and themselves.
  • Achieve an ability-based workforce which is in line with the working population mix in the relevant labour market areas.

This policy applies to all aspects of employment from advertising of vacancies, selection and recruitment of staff, training, promotion of people and termination of employment, which shall be on the basis of objective factors such as aptitude, performance and ability.

Specifically, we will ensure that:

  • A working environment is created that promotes dignity and respect to all at work whereby diversity, individual differences and the contributions of all employees are recognised and valued.
  • Each employee is accountable for their own behaviour;
  • The application of the policy is monitored and reviewed at every stage including recruitment/selection processes, terms and conditions of employment, promotion and transfer, training, grievance and disciplinary procedures, resignations/termination of employment and dismissals.
  • Existing employment practices, procedures and policies are monitored, examined and revised where appropriate.
  • Serious breaches of this policy shall constitute gross misconduct and may result in summary dismissal.
  • Where employees believe acts of inequality of opportunity have been applied they are able to pursue the matter through the Company’s grievance procedure.

To ensure that this policy is operating effectively (and for no other purpose) the company will maintain records of employees’ and applicants’ racial origins, gender and disability. Ongoing monitoring and regular analysis of such records will provide the basis of appropriate action to eliminate unlawful direct and indirect discrimination and promote equality of opportunity.

The director responsible for office management shall ensure effective operation of the company’s Equal Opportunities Policy.

The co-operation of all employees is essential for the success of this policy. However, the ultimate responsibility for achieving the policy’s objectives, and for ensuring compliance with the relevant Acts of Parliament as well as the various Codes of Practice, lies with the company.

Norman A Crawford