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Lonza, Oakbank Industrial Estate, Livingston – Cleanroom 1 Modifications Feasibility Study

Callidus Design has been appointed by Lonza (formerly known as Capsugel/Encap) to assess the technical implications associated with the upgrade of the various existing mechanical and electrical (M&E) systems serving a process area known as Cleanroom 1 within their facility at Oakbank Industrial Estate. The scope of the feasibility covers a number of elements including:

  • Heating via a new LTHW system
  • Cooling via a new Chilled Water system (including new chillers)
  • Chiller system and Refrigerants
  • Humidity control (incorporating both adiabatic humidifiers and dehumidification)
  • Ventilation system including new Air Handling Unit
  • New Building Management System
  • Replacement of existing HEPA Filters
  • Upgrade of Room Pressure Control system
  • Installation of new low-energy Cleanroom Lighting
  • Refurbishment and upgrade of Close Control Units
  • Targetted Energy Consumption reduction