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Highland House Perth 2010

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Electrical Infrastructure Survey



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Saltire Property Management


Sep 2010


Highland House, Perth - Electrical Infrastructure Survey

Callidus Design was appointed by Saltire Project Management to help solve an overload problem with the electrical infrastructure of Highland House in Perth.

Highland House was part of the portfolio of properties acquired by Hansteen Property Investments Limited from the Kilmartin Joint Ventures property group which was put into receivership in January of 2010. Saltire Property Management manage the property on behalf of Hansteen.

Highland House has suffered several outages in the last 12 months due to an overload condition blowing the main fuses on the incomer. This is despite the fact that the building is not fully occupied. The concern is that if the remaining units are let then the overload problem is likely to get worse to the detriment of the existing tenants. Saltire requested Callidus Design to investigate the possible source of this overload with a view to upgrading or modifying the system accordingly to alleviate the issue.

Callidus Design surveyed the distribution system from the incomer to the individual tenant supplies in order to verify the nature and detail of the wiring structure. Logging equipment was also installed on the main incomer for a week in order to establish the typical load patterns for the building. From the analysis of the logged incomer and the wiring distribution Callidus Design were able to pinpoint the likely source of the overload problems and proposed a solution to Saltire for its resolution.