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Project Profile

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St Andrews Boilers 2010

Project Description:

Various Boiler Upgrades



Project Value:

Project Duration:

St Andrews, Fife

University of St Andrews


May - Sep 2010


University of St Andrews - Boiler Upgrades

Callidus Design was appointed by the University of St Andrews as lead designer for the upgrade of the heating and hot water installations of various properties which the University currently own or occupy within the town of St Andrews. Initially, the project involves the upgrade of 10 systems of various sizes however there is rolling annual programme of works required to ensure that all systems are operating at or close to their peak efficiency whilst remaining in a safe condition.

  • Total capacity of Boilers : 700kW
  • Total capacity of Water Heaters : 350kW
  • Fuel : Natural Gas
  • Energy saving features : Premixed Fully Modulating Burners, Weather Compensation, Zone Control,
  • Safety Features : Frost Protection, Gas Shutdown Valves linked to Fire Alarm Systems