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DX Heating and Cooling

Air conditioning systems are utilised for the control of temperature and humidity conditions within buildings. Within the UK, air conditioning systems are typically utilised for comfort cooling purposes during summer months in non-domestic buildings (e.g. commercial offices, retail spaces, etc) as well as for close control of temperature and humidity conditions within many industrial, pharmaceutical, manufacturing and R&D facilities.

Air Conditioning systems can be provided in many different forms, with the following options being the most prevalent within the UK:

  • Standalone air Conditioner where both heating and cooling can be provided to a small number of rooms via a reversible heat pump installation. This system will incorporate indoor unit(s) which are connected via a refrigerant circuit to an outdoor unit. The indoor units may be wall mounted, floor mounted or be mounted in the ceiling (cassette).
  • Central ventilation system where cooling can be provided within an Air Handling Unit (AHU) typically via either an integrated heat pump (DX cooling coil combined with outdoor unit), chilled water cooling coil or even by recirculation of water (adiabatic cooling). Humidification and dehumidification functions can be integrated within central ventilation systems to ensure that appropriate environmental conditions can be maintained within the serviced spaces.
  • Indoor units served from a centralised air or water cooled chiller installation, where chilled water is pumped through a pipework distribution circuit between the chiller and the indoor unit(s). The indoor units may be wall mounted, floor mounted or be mounted in the ceiling (cassette). The indoor units may also incorporate a heating loop (known as 4 pipe variants) which are connected to a separate centralised heating system, usually Low Temperature Hot Water (LTHW), in order that the units can provide temperature control of the spaces throughout a typical year.

Callidus Design offer a number of services for air conditioning systems, including design and specification of entire systems, system modifications and extensions, condition surveys, refurbishment and troubleshooting.