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CHW Cooling Systems

Being maritime in nature, the UK climate hasn't traditionally been known to require cooling systems to be installed in buildings which are purely for the purposes of comfort. In specific applications where heat gain is unavoidable then discrete air-conditioning systems are commonly used. However, when control over temperature is required for process or other reasons then cooling systems, in conjuction with heating systems, are the means to achieve that. Like its heating counterpart, a cooling system consists of a source of cooling, normally referred to as a chiller and a means to distribute the generated cooling to defined loads such as Chilled Beams or coils in Air Handling Units (AHUs). the most common design parameters for cooling waters systems are a flow temperature (leaving the chiller) of 6DegC and a return temperature of 12DegC resulting in a Differential Temperature (dT) of 6DegC. These temperatures reflect a compromise of economics, practicality and risks of freezing. Of course, other temperature ranges are available but this range is the most often used.

Callidus Design offer a number of services for Chilled or Cooling Water systems including design and specification of entire cooling systems, system modifications and extensions, condition surveys, refurbishment and troubleshooting.