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Gas Fuel Systems (Natural Gas or LPG)

A large proportion of the heating and domestic hot water provision for buildings within the UK utilise boilers consuming either Natural Gas or Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG). Within the UK, Natural Gas is sourced predominantly from underground gas fields beneath the North Sea and Irish Sea and distributed via a national pipe network.

Where buildings are situated in areas not served by a mains gas installation (usually remote or rural areas away from population centres), an LPG installation can be provided to meet the energy requirements. This installation would typically consist of an external or underground LPG storage tank, underground pipework connection between the tank and the property and a boiler installation suitable for LPG operation. LPG would be delivered to the property by road tanker as and when required.

Natural Gas and LPG installations are a popular option for the heating of buildings due to the relatively low running costs when compared to other forms of energy, e.g. oil or electricity. In addition, Natural Gas and LPG installations provide a particularly controllable form of heating and are also favoured for use in domestic and commercial kitchens for cooking purposes for the same reason.

Mains Natural Gas has the added advantage that there is normally minimal capital cost associated with providing a new connection to a property, assuming that the mains pipework is in close proximity. LPG installations can incur higher capital installation and ongoing maintenance costs associated with provision of a storage tank (which is usually rented) and suitable compound, but each installation needs to be assessed on a case by case basis.

Callidus Design can provide design and specification services for both new natural gas and LPG installations and proposed modifications and extensions to existing systems.