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Process Design Service

Process Services are the lifeblood of any facility which relies on those services for its key functionality. Callidus Design have amassed considerable knowledge and expertise in a very wide range of Process Engineering in a diverse number of applications and sectors. This gives Callidus Design the edge over our competitors when it comes to Process Engineering Design. Notwithstanding the functional performance of any Process Service, today's focus is just as likely to be on Safety and Efficiency. 

Extensive involvement within the Industrial, Research & Development and Manufacturing sectors including semiconductor, micro-electronics, medical devices, food and pharmaceuticals has allowed us to develop all of the necessary expertise for the design, specification and procurement of the following Process Services:



Process Engineering Environments

More often than not, Process Services are required to operate in environments which are required either for the functionality of the building or arise as a result of the process itself. Examples of those are as follows:

  •  Hazardous Area Classification
  •  Low Humidity (e.g. below 15%RH)
  •  High Humidity (e.g. above 80%RH)
  •  Low Temperature (e.g. below 0DegC)
  •  High temperature (e.g. above 60DegC)
  •  Saline Environments (where the facility is located near the coast)
  •  Acidic Environments (where process leakage contaminates the surrounding area)



The above summary is a small selection of the process engineering services we provide whether it is for design or support related applications. If you have an application requiring the services of Consulting Engineers for any process engineering service, whether listed above or not, please don't hesitate to contact us via our Contact Us page.