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Troubleshooting Building or Process Systems

Troubleshooting - not all building or process services operate in the way we would like them to operate. This can be because the preferred mode of operation has changed since the building or system was constructed. It can also be as a result of a flaw in the original design concept or design briefing which results in the system being controlled in a manner which is less than desirable. In a commercial building this may prove to be a great annoyance for the building occupants but in a process environment it can be potentially disastrous or at least very costly. This is where our unique Troubleshooting Service can assist in the resolution of this problem.

Troubleshooting Process

In order to determine the root cause of any system which does not behave in the desired manner it is first necessary to define in detail what that correct manner is. Once this is defined then the system in question can be analysed to determine which element of the design is at fault or if not a design issue then which component of the system is not performing adequately. Fault-finding can reveal problems whether they be mechanical, electrical or more often than not, controls related. Inadequate or poorly designed control systems are a common feature of unstable or badly behaving building or process services. These problems can occur in HVAC, Air Conditioning, Heating, Cooling, Humidification, Dehumidification systems for example.

Common examples of building or process issues:

  • Unstable parameter control (e.g. temperature, humidity, pressure, flowrate etc)
  • Lack of coordinated controls between heating (radiators or radiant panels), cooling (air-conditioning units) and ventilation (Air Handling Units, supply ventilation and extract ventilation). This leads to fighting between systems resulting in a very high energy cost.
  • Insufficient capacity in a mechanical or electrical systems leading to the inability to reach setpoint..
  • Selecting the wrong control parameter for the result attempting to be achieved (e.g. trying to control pressure when it is flowrate control that is required).
  • Incorrect configuration or sequence of component installation leading to system instability or inability to reach sertpoint.


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