Callidus Design offer the following design services. Please contact us if you have a service which is not listed.

Callidus Design Services

public health


Public Health Services

As Public Health Engineering Consultants, Callidus Design provides all steps of the design function for all Public Health services within buildings. These services are found across the Residential, Commercial, Industrial, and Healthcare sectors.

mechanical process engineering Callidus Design


Process Services

Process Services are the lifeblood of any facility which relies on those services for its key functionality. Callidus Design have amassed considerable knowledge and expertise in a very wide range of Process Services in a diverse number of applications and sectors. This gives Callidus Design the edge over our competitors when it comes to Process Engineering Design. Notwithstanding the functional performance of any Process Service, today's focus is just as likely to be on Safety and Efficiency. 

Building Services


Building Services

Within the consulting world several names are used to describe the same design functions. Depending on your background you may refer to this function as Building Services. Others may refer to it as Mechanical and Electrical or more commonly, M&E for short. They all refer to the normal (non-process) type of services which you would find in any Residential, Commercial, Industrial or Healthcare building. When the acronym MEP is used the 'P' refers to Process in addition to Mechanical and Electrical Engineering.

Expert Witness


Forensic Services

In the event of accident or failure of a Building Service resulting in secondary damage or injury, more often than not a forensic analysis is required to determine the root cause of the incident. This is particularly required when the incident leads to an insurance claim and the insurance company needs to be sure of their liability before settling the claim. To that end they employ the services of an Expert Witness.